A John Marshall Ballroom Wedding | Ammee + Khaleef

This blog is way overdue! And super different! The bride, Ammee, is my best friend! One of the oldest friendships I have beside my sisters. We meet in fifth grade and have been together since! So you already know this wedding was much anticipated. Ammee was preparing to enter law school when Khaleef proposed. And then they moved to North Caroline…then Georgia…and then Michigan..and then back to Georgia. She was so focused on finishing law school that she didn't have time to plan such a gorgeous wedding. And then preparing for the bar..whew. But nonetheless a few years later she got her perfect wedding day. I was beyond thrilled when she finally set a date and asked me for a little help. She planned this whole wedding in less than 9 months y’all!

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A Festival Park Wedding | Markie and Ricky

Markie and Ricky's wedding at The Festival Park was absolutely beautiful! I was really looking forward to this wedding because Markie is my big cousin. I think the last time I saw her almost 6 years ago when my brother graduated from The Military Academy in Northern Chicago. She has always been such a sweetheart and kind hearted. Like many of my Milwaukee family we love you hard and we love being around each other. So it was more of a family reunion. When she called me and asked me to document her day I was so thrilled and could not wait to give her a big hug. 

Here are some of my favorite images from their wedding day.

An Intimate Williamsburg Wedding | Bobby & JoAnne| Virginia Wedding Photographer

JoAnne and Bobby's wedding at The Williamsburg Community Building this past weekend was simply amazing. I had been looking forward to their wedding day for months now. You see, last year JoAnne and Bobby were married last year but didn't have the chance to celebrate with their family and friends due to graduations and relocations. But this celebration was like no other and both families anxiously waited as the day grew closer.

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National Harbor Engagement|Kiara + Brandon| Virginia Wedding Photographer

I watched the forecast every day leading up to Saturday. All I saw were grey cloud emojis and rain. Not one sunny smiley face in sight! This weekend it was going to rain and be grey. But I didnt let that stop me. I was determined to FINALLY meet Kiara and Brandon. We had been chatting since December and made a date to meet at the National Harbor for their engagment session. They couldn’t have been sweeter!! I love meeting couples for the first time and just knowing instantly that we were meant to work with one another. They were so trusting and yet so excited. And they loved to have fun! I could see the joy in Kiara's eyes. Its almost a twinkle when she looks at Brandon.

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A Fairfax, Virginia Wedding with Anna & Mike

The day was perfect. The sun was perched in the right position. The wind was calm. The grass was manicured to perfection. Anna & Mike's wedding day was more than beautiful. The love for wine was displayed in every way imaginable. Wine corks, barrels and a super cute hashtag that mended their last names were just a few of the details that made their day special. Their first looks was so special. There were tears shed by both Anna & Mike. And Mike was in awe at how beautiful she looked. This wedding was extra special because both the bride and groom has bridesmaids and groomsmen. You will understand what I am talking about in a second. I'm so grateful I was there to witness them on their day one as husband and wife.

Here's some of my favorites from their big day!

Second Shot with M Harris Studios

Thank you M Harris Studios!



Yesterday when I left my house and the sun has just risen over the horizon. When I got home the sun had already set. It was a long day! But it was all worth it. I finally got to meet Miss Emmeline! She is such a sweet girl. I was immediately greeted with smiles. A smile that showed all four of her pearly whites!

Emma's mom was my partner in pregnancy last year. I remember when I found out she was expecting. Poor Rachel was battling a lingering cold and wasn't able to take any medication because this special girl was brewing in her belly!

The following portraits are just a handful of what David and Rachel gets to enjoy at home. Miss Emma really marches to the beat of her own drum! AND she can say DOG! A one year old that just turned one and can say an understandable word! WHAT! I was just amazed. She did such a great job and she loves her some outdoors.

Thank you David and Rachel for spending your evening with me! We shared laughs, we recited 50 Cents rendition of the birthday song & Emma and I became besties!




Kevin couldn't wait! Natasha was anxious! And I couldn't was counting down the days for this beautiful union! It all came together so beautiful. Their navy/blush/silver wedding was executed perfectly. I had anticipated this day from our very first meeting! These two best friends got married on Saturday, September 17th at Grand Affairs Banquet Hall. A day that was full of love and celebration. Some shed a few tears. Others danced the night away.Their family took us in like their own. We are so blessed we were able to meet you two and wish you a lifetime of health, happiness and wealth. As long as you all continue to keep God at the center of your union you will be able to endure the test of time.Here's some of my favorites from your day one. Here's just a sneak peek! I can't wait to show you all more. Enjoy your honeymoon in Orlando! Congratulations Mr, and Mrs. Richardson!


Venue, Catering | Grand Affairs Catering

Dress Designer | Maggie Sottero

Dress Store | Maya Couture

Florist | Essence Wedding Flowers

Makeup | Terria MUA

DJ | Astro DJ

Bridesmaid Dresses | David's Bridal

Invitations | Paperworks By Edith

Slover Library Engagement Session: Sheay and Dray

Yesterday I had the pleasure of shooting a beautiful engagement session at The Slover Library in Downtown Norfolk. It's crazy how much things have changed in such a short time. I frequented Downtown Norfolk all the time while I was in college. I mean, I practically lived there because I worked at Forever 21 in MacArthur Mall. Those were the days!

Shaey and I met several years ago at Norfolk State University. We both majored in Biology. So when I put our a model call for a special project I was working on she wasn't hesitant to reply. In fact she said that her boyfriend (now FIANCE) had literally just proposed! So why not announce your engagement on social media with an e-session!! It's a no- brainer.

The couple came and did not disappoint. Just wait until you see her shoes!!!! I told her I was ordering me a pair as soon as I got home. And let's just say I have a super cute pair of pink/fluffy sandals coming.


Here's a close up of her bling!!

Oh! So while we were shooting, the library was hosting a private event for some local artists. So we were kinda bummed that we couldn't go inside. But, the favor of God was on our side. That was noting but Jesus because Katie, one of the event coordinators, graciously asked if we would like to come in and USE THE BALCONY!!!


We headed to Freemason Harbour to watch the sunset!


Congratulations you two! I had a blast



Regent University Engagement Session| Natasha & Kevin

I cannot stress enough the importance of doing an engagement session with your photographer before the wedding day. Sure, you get lots of amazing portraits. But the most important thing is to work with your photographer before the big day. Its a chance for you to model with your boo before everyone on the wedding day, including Aunt Sue that you haven't seen since you were in diapers. You do no want a complete stranger to show up to you wedding to capture such intimate pictures. I LOVE getting to know my brides and grooms. It was wonderful getting to know Kevin and Natasha at their Regent University engagement session. We sure laughed a lot! Who knew Mr. Kevin was a comedian!  We had the most PERFECT day. The couple rocked their engagement session. They were so gentle with one another. I can't wait for their wedding next month at The Grand Affairs.

Here's a few of my favorite images from their engagement session.

N+K Engagement-2.JPG
regent university engagement session
Source: http://myeshatamuphotography.com/regent-un...

Downtown Norfolk Engagements: LaTorya and Louis

I used to live in Norfolk. I've hung out in Downtown Norfolk and I have dined at the Freemason Abbey restaurant. But while I was searching for parking to attend a wedding at the Harrison Opera House I found a hidden gem snuggled a few short blocks from Waterside in Downtown Norfolk. I can honestly say that it didn't even feel like I was in Norfolk anymore. You could feel the history just walking down the cobblestone streets and wrought iron fences. And the architecture!  You would be in awe! NOT. ONE. HOME. WAS. THE. SAME. I knew the next engagement session would have to take place there!


You see, Latorya and Louis are no strangers to the Downtown Norfolk area. They meet in Norfolk while working on the USS George H.W. Bush CVN 77 . And I was thrilled when Latorya and Louis agreed to shoot their engagement session here.

Both Louis and Latorya had been warned by several other shipmates to steer clear of each other but God had other plans for the pair. They began dating and well you see where we are today.

The "She-Hulk"  (as Louis refers to a very hangry Latorya) was preparing Valentine's Day dinner when Louis decided to propose with a ring pop. At first Latorya thought it was a joke because she had casually mentioned to her friend earlier that day Valentine's Day was the most cliche day for a proposal. Little did she know that her day was here! Louis quickly changed out the ring pop for her real engagement ring and the rest is history. She gladly accepted the proposal!

We had so much fun and I even got invited to join the honeymoon cruise party! It will definitely be a celebration when the two wed next year. Latorya and Louis will be saying "I Do" in front of family and friends next year at The Virginia Beach Convention Center. Can't wait to see you two again!

downtown norfolk engagement session

Oh, did I mention we have fun! The love these two have is unimaginable. And Latorya smile is so infectious. By the time we left my cheeks hurt.


Downtown-Norfolk-Engagement-Freemason-virginia-wedding-photographer 4.jpg

Mason Mill Park-Ammee + Khaleef

GOSH! Where do I begin? I've had the pleasure of knowing this beauty for almost 20 years.  Am I telling my age?? OK, OK, she's my best friend! We've been friends since the 5th grade.

I have watched her grow into a beautiful woman. I always knew she would do great things. I mean she used to be the announcer for our elementary school. She would recite the pledge of allegiance and morning announcements. How cool was that

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