Yesterday when I left my house and the sun has just risen over the horizon. When I got home the sun had already set. It was a long day! But it was all worth it. I finally got to meet Miss Emmeline! She is such a sweet girl. I was immediately greeted with smiles. A smile that showed all four of her pearly whites!

Emma's mom was my partner in pregnancy last year. I remember when I found out she was expecting. Poor Rachel was battling a lingering cold and wasn't able to take any medication because this special girl was brewing in her belly!

The following portraits are just a handful of what David and Rachel gets to enjoy at home. Miss Emma really marches to the beat of her own drum! AND she can say DOG! A one year old that just turned one and can say an understandable word! WHAT! I was just amazed. She did such a great job and she loves her some outdoors.

Thank you David and Rachel for spending your evening with me! We shared laughs, we recited 50 Cents rendition of the birthday song & Emma and I became besties!