Downtown Norfolk Engagements: LaTorya and Louis

I used to live in Norfolk. I've hung out in Downtown Norfolk and I have dined at the Freemason Abbey restaurant. But while I was searching for parking to attend a wedding at the Harrison Opera House I found a hidden gem snuggled a few short blocks from Waterside in Downtown Norfolk. I can honestly say that it didn't even feel like I was in Norfolk anymore. You could feel the history just walking down the cobblestone streets and wrought iron fences. And the architecture!  You would be in awe! NOT. ONE. HOME. WAS. THE. SAME. I knew the next engagement session would have to take place there!


You see, Latorya and Louis are no strangers to the Downtown Norfolk area. They meet in Norfolk while working on the USS George H.W. Bush CVN 77 . And I was thrilled when Latorya and Louis agreed to shoot their engagement session here.

Both Louis and Latorya had been warned by several other shipmates to steer clear of each other but God had other plans for the pair. They began dating and well you see where we are today.

The "She-Hulk"  (as Louis refers to a very hangry Latorya) was preparing Valentine's Day dinner when Louis decided to propose with a ring pop. At first Latorya thought it was a joke because she had casually mentioned to her friend earlier that day Valentine's Day was the most cliche day for a proposal. Little did she know that her day was here! Louis quickly changed out the ring pop for her real engagement ring and the rest is history. She gladly accepted the proposal!

We had so much fun and I even got invited to join the honeymoon cruise party! It will definitely be a celebration when the two wed next year. Latorya and Louis will be saying "I Do" in front of family and friends next year at The Virginia Beach Convention Center. Can't wait to see you two again!

downtown norfolk va freemason district engagement session by virginia wedding photographer

Oh, did I mention we have fun! The love these two have is unimaginable. And Latorya smile is so infectious. By the time we left my cheeks hurt.


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