Old Town Alexandria Engagement Session| Bobby + JoAnne

I have a bazillion alarms on my phone (yeah, I'm that girl). One of them goes off every morning at 4:22 am. I usually snooze it until the next alarm goes off. It's my workout alarm. But guess what, I haven't stepped in the gym in almost two years!

Yesterday was different. My alarm went off and I didn't press snooze. I rolled out of the bed, showered and got dressed. I kissed my babies and headed to Old Town Alexandria to meet JoAnne and Bobby. JoAnne's has a special love for Old Town Alexandria. When she and Bobby were making their move to Northern Virginia she envisioned this type of life her. Foot traffic, cute shops, and cobblestone streets. So The Caryle House was the perfect backdrop for our sunrise sweetheart session. Its classic and elegant gardens were lush and pristine! And the weather was just right. Our original session was rescheduled because it was literally 20 degrees. So I immediately checked the weather app to ensure we wouldn't freeze our butts off.

Bobby is such a sweet, gentle giant who loves the heck out of JoAnne. And my sweet friend JoAnne is the cutest. She may be tiny but this girl is full of energy! I wish I could clone her three times over. We bonded over our love for makeup and beauty gurus on Youtube. She told me about all these wonderful new restaurants back in Hampton Roads and a few local places here in Northern Virginia. They moved up here last year for career changes and have been loving it ever since. They are foodies and love trying new things and have been trying to get into a Korean BBQ restaurant for weeks now. Saturday's are pretty popular around here for date nights.

Bobby and JoAnne have been together for quite some time now and sealed the deal literally one year ago. Yesterday was their anniversary! They decided to make their one year anniversary a big deal! Together with their families and friends they will celebrate their union once again on Saturday and I CAN'T WAIT!