Downtown Norfolk Freemason Engagement| Keiranni + Dwayne


The weather leading up to Keiranni and Dwayne’s Downtown Norfolk engagement session was near perfect! Im talking high 60s. Weather that MAKES you WANT to go outside and soak up some sun. Well that wasn't the case for last Saturday. I know Virginia weather is bipolar but come on. I got a notification about a wether advisory the night before about FREEZING VEGETATION!! What In The World!

I headed to the Freemason Area of Downtown Norfolk to meet with Keiranni and Dwayne all bundle up. And as soon as I saw Keiranni in the cutest, bright and yellow dress and Dwayne coordinating in a perfectly put together grey ensemble my heart was warm already. She texted me earlier in the week and said she didn't know what to wear and came through with this show stopper dress! I promise yall, I am always amazed at how well dressed my couples are when they arrive. And they came with TWO bomb outfits!

The two of them were naturals as we literally walked up and down Freemason Street to get the blood flowing through our veins. I forgot to tell my bride and grooms that the workout session is included in the experience! LOL! But they were pros! Pros at being in love and serving one another. They stayed snuggled up together and share a few sweet kisses when they thought I wasn't looking! So sweet!

When I first meet Keiranni, last year in November, we hit it off right away. Dwayne wasn't able to attend the consultation but Keiranni’s Mom, Melanie was there. It felt like I there with old friends just catching up. I was having Brooklyn’s first birthday party the same day and didn't even realized how much time had passed as we talked about the wedding, their New Year’s Eve proposal, their first date at the church’s play and just getting to know her as a person! It was great. It becoming a tradition of these busy weekends that I see her. Now, they are on the fast track to forever and tying the knot in July at Noah’s Event Venue in Chesapeake and I can’t WAIT to be part of their big day!

Enjoy some of my favorites from Keiranni + Dwyane’s engagement session!