A John Marshall Ballroom Wedding | Ammee + Khaleef

This blog is way overdue! And super different! The bride, Ammee, is my best friend! One of the oldest friendships I have beside my sisters. We meet in fifth grade and have been together since! So you already know this wedding was much anticipated. Ammee was preparing to enter law school when Khaleef proposed. And then they moved to North Caroline…then Georgia…and then Michigan..and then back to Georgia. She was so focused on finishing law school that she didn't have time to plan such a gorgeous wedding. And then preparing for the bar..whew. But nonetheless a few years later she got her perfect wedding day. I was beyond thrilled when she finally set a date and asked me for a little help. She planned this whole wedding in less than 9 months y’all!


The wedding day was beautiful. The John Marshall Ballroom was such a classy venue and even more appropriate for Ammee and Khaleef. So classy! Its high ceilings and grand chandeliers were beautiful. There was a bit of rain and some unseasonable 60 degree weather in September but that’s an afterthought right now. Her blush, gold and ivory wedding was EVERYTHING AND THEN SOME! We started the day with hair at about 6am-ish. Everyone was so calm….like super chill. We relaxed and ate from one of Richmond’s local diners. Ammee was such a peaceful bride. We tried to take her phone but somehow she kept getting it. But we drank our mimosas and she gave us the cutest gifts. And then it was time to get ready. The girls got ready first so we can all be dressed when we were helping Ammee into her dress. Everything worked out perfect. And once the wedding dress was on…it was go time! We made our way to the venue.

She looked so gorgeous walking down the aisle..so angelic. And Khaleef looked even more handsome in his tuxedo. They were so sweet towards one another. And Khaleef couldn't keeps his hands off of her! They became husband and wife and danced the night away….literally I think the only time the sat down was when it was time for the toasts.

And I am so grateful for Jontell and Mary Alice for providing such a great experience on Ammee’s wedding day. I was supposed to be the photographer but logistically it would be impossible to be fully present…be the maid of honor and capture all the gorgeous images you are about to see. I did get a few detail shots inside the bridal suite and managed to sneak them away for some husband and wife images but the rest of the credit goes to Jontell and Mary Alice!

Ammee and Khaleef (I promise I won't cry again) no one deserves a more perfect beginning. I wish you two nothing but the very best. Always seek each other first. Your love and patience for each other is contagious and I pray it continues to grow! Enjoy this new journey. I love you both!