Marriott at Oyster Point City Center Wedding| Kiara + Brandon| Newport News Wedding Photographer


I still get nervous the morning before the wedding. Like its my own wedding! I still get butterflies. There is so much expectations set that we as wedding photographers are faced with. Not to mention the super long wedding shot list branded into the back of our minds. But this wedding was different. I woke up and was fine! Like I didn't even get that nervous gut feeling that I usually feel as I riding to the venue. I headed to Newport News to capture Brandon and Kiara's wedding day with worship music blasting (its a ritual to keep me calm).

I've also never seen such a calm bride. I literally didn't see Kiara break a sweat the entire day. Even on the dance floor. She was so poise and at peace. Now I know why! She was marrying her best friend and today everything they hoped and dreamed of for this day was finally happening. Her forever with him was official. The two of them exchanged handwritten vows. And Brandon fought through his, surprisingly without tears ( I think I saw a few fall down).

The weather was perfect. It had been raining and windy but a cool 73 degrees and a little wind made it just right! Brandon and Kiara couldn't be more happy! These two waited for quite some time to finally make it official. HIGH SCHOOL SWEETHEARTS! I am blessed to have meet such a humble and genuine couple madly in love and so sweet to one another. Enjoy your honeymoon in DR and soak up some sun for me!

Enjoy some of my favorite moments!