The surprising way we spend our spare time, what we believe, and just a few of our favorite things.

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Most days you'll find me snuggled up on the couch. I'm a homebody that loves to travel and I'm a self proclaimed hopeless romantic. I'll watch anything on the Hallmark channel. But I also watch all the horrible reality shows like Keeping Up with the Kardashians and any franchise of The Real Housewives. I'm always on a diet and opt for the cheeseburgers over the salad. And my hair changes regularly. It might be straight today and next week I'm rocking an afro. And I love that!!

This CAREER was accidental.

I was working in a chemistry lab, joyful to be able to work in the field that applies to my Biology degree. It started with a tripod and a dream of being the next Natural Hair Beauty Guru. I sent a tutorial into Curly Nikki and the video got so many views! And then I started documenting our lives. And it wasn't until a friend asked me to shoot her sister's senior portraits when I had the light bulb moment. I fell in love and was head over heels.


I needed that little bit of motivation to believe in myself. And I'm so grateful for my #framily for supporting me. I'm grateful for my couples that have allowed me to share and document THEE greatest day in their lives. Each of my couples have their little quirks and I love it all. I feel myself taking a little from each of them and applying it to my own marriage. Because lets be real, marriage is work. And we need these little reminders of why we became one and decided on forever.





This is one of the greatest times in your lives. One that will never get looked over or second guessed. Year after year you will be able to sit with your family and reminisce about such a joyous day that will be full of love. Friends and family near and far will come join you as you enter a new journey, your day one as husband and wife. Your roles in life will change with two simple words, “I Do”.